Dedicated to Grace Peeling

Grace Elizabeth PeelingGrace Elizabeth Peeling passed away on Sunday 10th June 2007, after an extremely tragic, short illness. She was 26 years old and very much in the prime of her life. Her cremation took place on Friday 22nd June 2007 and was a private family service and ceremony.

Grace and her elder sister Siobhan were both students at Soham Village College. Their mother, Elaine was a Governor there for many years, and along with her husband Fred, retired recently from full time teaching at Bottisham Village College. At the time of her death Grace was studying for an MA in Education at Brunel University in London. Her specific area of interest was Special Needs Education with particular reference to Autism and Asperger Syndrome. Following a Degree in Installation Art at Huddersfield University, Grace worked for two years in the Supportive Education Department at Cambridge Regional College prior to starting her MA at Brunel University.

If you knew her you would know that Grace was a wonderful, angelic person who loved to live life to the full and certainly did way beyond her years. Her charming and energetic personality won her many friends at school and beyond. The hundreds of sympathy cards that have been received by her family are evidence of that and she will be missed by so many people.

If you would like to make any kind of donation, The Peeling family would prefer you to donate to The Grace Peeling Memorial Fund & Library overseen and run Red2Green.

Red2Green is a registered charity which runs projects across Cambridgeshire providing leisure, educational and work opportunities for over 600 people with a wide range of disabilities, including mental health problems, learning disabilities, sensory impairments, physical disability and social communication disorders.

In the early days of Red2Green, Grace was a volunteer for the organisation and throughout her life she felt for those whom society often rejects. The Grace Peeling Memorial Fund exists to support Red2Green clients with Autism Spectrum Disorders to move towards independence. Clients can apply to the fund at any time for money to support their journey to independent living. For example, the fund could buy a suit for a client to attend a job interview, pay for a course or pay travel costs.

The Grace Peeling Memorial Library contains books, both fact and fiction, about Autistic Spectrum Disorders. The library is run by and for Aspirations clients to aid their understanding about themselves. The fund and library were set up by the family and friends of Grace Peeling from money donated at her funeral and the generosity of Grace's family and friends means that the fund will exist as a permanent memorial to her.

Cheques should be made out to Red2Green and have 'Grace' written on the back.
Red2Green, Harvey's Barn, Park End, Swaffham Bulbeck, Cambridge, CB25 0NA

Forever A True Friend
Christopher Scurrah

Grace dearly loved the town of Soham and it's residents and she will be missed by so many people here
As a tribute to her, Soham On-Line Community Website is now dedicated to the memory of Grace Peeling


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