The War Memorial


The War MemorialSoham War Memorial, located in Red Lion Square, was officially unveiled on Sunday 23rd January 1921.

A more recent addition is the commemorative artwork in memory of the four heroes of the Soham Railway Disaster which was officially unveiled by HRH The Duke of Gloucester on Saturday 2nd June 2007.




'Be Thou Faithful Unto Death And I Will Give Thee A Crown Of Life'

In Honoured Memory of the men of Soham who gave their lives for Liberty and Justice in the Great War 1914 - 1918.

Bglr F Allen
A/B B W Aspland
Gnr J W Attlesey
Pte C Audus
Gnr S Audus
Pte R Aveley
Pte C Badcock (E Lancs)
Pte C Badcock (Suffolks)
Pte H Badcock
Pte A Bailey
Pte C Bailey
Pte F Bailey
Pte A E Barber
Pte J W Barber
L/Cpl T Beaumont
Pte A Beeton
Pte E Beeton
Cpl W R Beeton
Rfm Boyce
L/Cpl E Brown
Pte F Brown
L/Cpl R Brown
L/Sgt W E Brown
Pte J Challis
Pte W Challis
Cpl F Clark
Pte G Clark
Pte J W Clark
Pte C S Clements
Sto A W Collinson
Pte E Cook
Pte H Darnell
Pte P Dennis
Lt C H Edmunds
2nd Lt G V Edmunds
Pte H Edwards
Pte W Edwards
Pte J Elsden
Pte H Fellingham
Pte E Fincham
Pte W T Fleet
Pte C Fleming
Spr H W Fordham
Pte R Fordham
L/Cpl C Frost
Pte A Gilbey (Suffolks)
Pte A Gilbey (R W Kents)
Pte Art Gilbey
Pte E Gilbey
Gnr G Gilbey
L/Cpl H Gilbey
Pte S Gilbey
Pte B Harlock
L/Cpl H R Hart
Rfm J G Hayhoe
Pte J A Hitch
Pte A Hobbs
Pte T Hobbs
Pte D Howard
Cpl A J Howe
Pte F Howe
Cpl A J Howlett
Pte C W Human
Cpl F T Isaacson
Pte W Isaacson
Pte C Jarrold
Pte J Jobson
Pte T H Johnson
Pte G W King
L/Cpl J W King
Pte J King
Pte R J Langley
Pte E Leonard
Pte F Leonard
L/Cpl H Leonard
Pte W H Lockwood
Pte G Long
Pte A Mann
L/Cpl C Mann
Pte T E A Mann
Pte F Martin
Pte W Martin
L/Cpl W E Mason
Capt C F Morbey
Pte A Mothersole
Pte B Munns
Cpl G Munns
Pte A Murfet
Pte F Murfet
Pte W Murfet
Pte F Newman
Dvr B Norman
Pte W Norman
Pte J R Nunn
Pte F Palmer
Pte F Papworth
Pte F Peacock
Pte F H Peacock
Pte B Pendle
L/Cpl A Porter
Dvr B Powson
Sgt A Reeve
Pte J Reeve
Cpl G F Robinson
Sgt J W Rolfe
Pte F P Roote
L/Cpl B Rouse
Pte C Rouse
Pte C H Sargent
Pte R H Sargent
Pte E G Shaw
Lt W Shaw
Pte E Sizer
Cpl G Sizer
Pte R Sizer
Pte J Steadman
Pte H Steggles
Sdr A Stittle
L/Cpl E B Stittle
Pte F Summers
Pte J Talbot
Cpl J E Taylor
Cpl H G Townsend
Pte C Turner
Sgt J Webb
Pte A J Webber

'Greater Love Hath No Man Than This That A Man Lay Down His Life For His Friends'

In Honoured Memory of the men of Soham who gave their lives for Liberty and Justice in the Second World War 1939 - 1945

H V Ames
G J P Attlesey
N Ashton
T Beaumont
E C Bridgeman
G F Bridges
A J Bailey
T W Brightwell
A W Brown
F Brown
J A Bull
S W Clements
A H Edwards
J Edwards
V Edwards
T R E Ennion
E Gilbey
S Gilbey
O C Hobbs
S Hopkins
F Howe
W N Hunt
M Hutt
J W Nunn
G Palmer
G W Papworth
A A Peacock
E H Peacock
S G Peacock
E R Pearson
S Plumb
F Rust
L L Smith
J Steadman
W J Steggles
S Summers
W E Turner
G W White
G Whymer
G Wilson


May they Rest in Peace

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