Soham Millennium Walks & Art Trail

Soham Millennium Walks & Art TrailSoham Millennium Walks were created by Soham Town Council, Soham Footpaths Society & East Cambridgeshire District Council and were born from an original idea by Margaret Ennion (Soham Town Council chairman) who died of cancer in December 1999. They were officially opened on 30th September 2000 and now serve as a lasting tribute to her. All three walks begin and end at St. Andrew's Church / The Fountain Public House and are signposted at key points with colour coded direction signs (as pictured left).

The Art Trail, consists of eight Waymarkers, individually designed and created by Brighton-based sculptor Jon Mills and officially unveiled on 24th May 2005. 

Each Waymarker is located at a specific point along the routes and depict a local historical theme in sculptural form sitting atop a traditionally styled road sign base (as shown below). You will also be able to collect your own mementos of your tour around the routes as each waymarker has its own brass plaque from which you can take a 'brassrubbing' - be sure to take paper and crayons with you and perhaps a camera too.

 waymarker-a sm  waymarker-b sm  waymarker-c sm waymarker-d sm 
waymarker-e sm waymarker-f sm waymarker-g sm waymarker-h sm

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